Get some exercise at Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon

Staying fit at the hotel’s own gym

Fit in the mountains of the Silvretta Montafon resort: The fitness offers at the Sporthotel of the same name in Gaschurn make it possible! Try out the hotel’s own gym, savour some figure-conscious meals and, of course: Head out into the mountains! Your endorphins will cheer in Vorarlberg – and not just because of the breath-taking scenic views …

Fitness entails physical wellbeing – but that’s not all! The term often also encompasses the wellbeing of the mind. It’s important to remain resilient and productive in everyday life. And that requires a lot more than just physical fitness.

The advantages of fitness training

What speaks for targeted fitness training? A number of convincing reasons! A lowered risk of heart disease, a better ability to concentrate and learn, better coordination, resilience and a higher life expectancy. Fitness keeps you healthy! But alongside regular movement, you also need to have a healthy and balanced diet. Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon lets you have both – and so much more!

Fitness offers at Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon

Keep fit while on holiday in the Montafon! At the four-star resort, you can look forward to the following sweat-inducing options for strength and endurance training:

  • elliptical
  • bike
  • treadmill
  • leg extensions
  • abs trainer
  • shoulder press
  • chest press
  • free weights from 2 to 20 kilograms

You want to start working out right away? The hotel’s own gym is open daily from 7am to 8pm!

After the workout is before the workout

Gym or no gym: In actuality, you’re exercising your fitness with every sports activity you do – and any other kind of movement throughout the day. Head out into the mountains! Be it for hiking  and biking  in summer or skiing and freeriding in winter .


After a challenging workout, you might want to go for a relaxing little swim in the Crystal Pool. Or how about a massage or treatment at the Gold Spa? And when the hunger pangs start to arise after an eventful and active day, a nutrient-dense meal at the restaurant will certainly hit the spot!


Whichever type of exercise you choose: Get moving! The team at Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon in Gaschurn is looking forward to your holiday enquiry.