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Eine dunkelhaarige Frau liegt auf einer Massageliege und bekommt eine Rückenmassage | © Silvretta Montafon Eine dunkelhaarige Frau liegt auf einer Massageliege und bekommt eine Rückenmassage | © Silvretta Montafon
Look beautiful

Facial treatments to feel comfortable in your own skin

Treat yourself and give your face the care it deserves!

The face is the mirror of the soul

Year after year, life writes countless stories on your skin. Facial expressions and gestures leave their marks on the face. In youth as well as in old age, our skin is constantly exposed to various factors, with every phase of life coming with different care needs. The wide range of facial treatments at Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon addresses these varying needs. 

Facial treatments with products by

Alpienne cosmetics

Alpienne products combine decades of traditional Alpine knowledge with state-of-the-art natural cosmetics – an ode to Alpine beauty and the power of nature.

The natural products meet our high quality standards: Their active ingredients are highly concentrated, organic and plant-based, and only wild-growing or wild-cultivated plants are used.

Treatments for young and mature skin

Treatment Duration (min) Price in €
Alpine Freshness

For dehydrated and normal skin.
Cleansing – exfoliating – pine heart massage – mask – finishing care
High mallow, rosemary and elderflower are the main ingredients of this classic facial treatment. 
Moisturising and revitalising. 

50 97
Pure Nature

For dehydrated and normal skin. 
Cleansing – exfoliating – gentle cleaning – brief massage – mask – finishing care
We give your skin time to lock in moisture and let your complexion shine. 
Balancing, moisturising and revitalising.

50 89
Crystal Clear

For youthful or impure skin.
Cleansing – exfoliating – intensive cleaning – mask – finishing care
Propolis, chamomile and zeolite: The skin is steamed to allow for deep cleansing. 
Neutralising, purifying, soothing and anti-inflammatory. 

50 / 80 85 / 114
Fountain of Youth

For skin stressed by everyday life.
Cleansing – exfoliating – gentle cleaning – pine heart massage – mask – finishing care
Brewer’s yeast, barley extract, lady’s mantle and orange: Active ingredients from the Alps support the regeneration of skin cells. The most natural anti-aging treatment in the world. 
Activating, invigorating and metabolism-boosting. 

80 131
Facial treatments with

Pro VITAMINA by Isabelle Lancray

This special treatment for dehydrated, tired, stressed or sun-damaged skin has a revitalising, hydrating and anti-irritation effect. It supports the skin’s natural regeneration process.

A variety of treatments

Treatment Duration (min) Price in €
Traitement classique – classic treatment

Invigorating, cell-stimulating.
Cleansing – exfoliating – cleaning – serum – mask – massage – finishing care

50 104,00
Traitement intensif – intensive treatment

Regenerative, hydrating, activating.
Cleansing – exfoliating – cleaning – serum – 2 masks – extended facial massage – finishing care

80 143,00
Special anti-ageing treatment

Isabelle Lancray Pro L‘AGE D‘OR

A product line that heralds a new age of anti-ageing cosmetics. The formulations always contain a bouquet of plant stem cells from exquisite flowers like the Damask rose, Arabian jasmine or bearded iris, turning the skin treatment into a fragrant experience.

This exclusive skincare line represents a sensual superlative for the sustainable regeneration of your skin, leading to an immediate sensation of wonderful rejuvenation.

Treatments with exclusive care products

Treatment Duration (min) Price in €
Traitement supérieure – superior treatment

Sensational, immediately visible lifting effect.
Cleansing – intensive enzyme peeling – highly concentrated anti-ageing serum – intensive facial massage – warming facial cushion – cooling algae mask – finishing care – finishing serum

80 179
Dr. Rimpler fruit acid treatment

For large-pored, impure skin and to reduce fine lines.
Cleansing – fruit acid peeling – serum – massage – mask – finishing care

50 102
Eine dunkelhaarige Frau liegt auf einer Massageliege und bekommt eine Rückenmassage | © Silvretta Montafon
First your face, then your body?

Full-body treatments for deep relaxation

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