Men Spa

Isabelle Lancray Männer Behandlung 50 min € 98,00

Vitalising special treatment for tired, stressed, sun damaged Haut that needs moisture. Vitalizing, hydrating, anti-irriativ. Support the regeneration process of your skin. 

Alpine "men's thing" 50 min € 75,00

Cleansing - Peeling - Serum - Massage - Mask - Endcare

Agent from nature, especially for men, with sustainable relaxation.

Dr. Rimpler Männer Behandlung 50 min € 95,00
Cleansing – fruit acid peeling – serum – massage – mask – finish care
For big porical, impure skin and to decline mild wrinkles.
Head- and beard care 25 min € 49,00
During an intesive and caring face- head- and neck massage valuable care products for skin and hair are being used.