Men Spa

!QMS - Men - Relaxation 80 min €125.00

Cleansing - Peeling - Collagen - Massage - Mask - Endcare

High-classic method for the powerful and sustainable rejuvenation of the men skin. The success of this treatment is ensured.

Alpine "men's thing" 50 min €75.00

Cleansing - Peeling - Serum - Massage - Mask - Endcare

Agent from nature, especially for men, with sustainable relaxation.

Head - and beard care 25 min €49.00
During a intensive caring face-, head- and neck massage, valuable care products for skin and hair are used.    
"The short one": Men hand- or foot care 20 min €35.00
To each of our men- care treatment and after personal agreement with our cosmetician bookable.