Traditional massages

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Classic alp herbal massage

The herbs of the alps have an impact on the deep of the muscles during a whole body massage.

50 min €81.00


Short alp herbal massage

The circulation of the muscles is because of the power of the alp herbs noticeable. By request for head, neck, back or legs.

25 min €47.00



To release all the tension in your back, we focus directly on your indurations. Afterwards you can feel the healing power of nature during a relaxing back package.

50 min €85.00


Health- and vital massage

We use the combination of the Propolis-massage milk and our laurels-groundhog oil to stimulate the production of synovia. Highly recommendable to stimulate the immune system and for the improvment of Arthrose.

50 min €92.00

Swiss pine - sport - massage

Our massage therapist has an intinctive feeling and relieves all your tensions. (inclusiv rest after the massage)

50 min €88.00


Pine vital massage

For this purpose, we use Swiss stone pine hand cuddlers, which are used specifically to activate certain acupuncture points. In addition to the pleasant scent, Swiss stone pine has a mood-lifting and relaxing effect, and is therefore used in aromatherapy
used in aromatherapy for anxiety or depression.

50 min €86.00


Relaxation massage

You can choose your individual massage milk according to your mood and condition. The impact on the skin is still palpable after the massage for 6-10 hours.

50 min €88.00


Individual - massage

We focus on your desires and needs and use various massage techniques. You can also choose the massage milk.

45 min

70 min




Herbal stamp - massage

Warming alp herbs have an impact on the vegetativ nerve system and contribute to the relaxation during inclusiv rest after the massage.

50 min €102.00


Foot reflex zone massage

Each muscle and each organ interacts with the foot reflex track. Due to the massage and the herbal foot bath we bring your body feeling in balance. 

50 min €86.00


Shiatsu acupressure massage

Combination massage of 2 different massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. Along the meridians are worked with acupressure techniques and Shiatsu stretches. This treatment supports your self-healing powers, relaxes, strengthens self-awareness and promotes body awareness.

50 min €96.00