Facial treatments

Younger-looking skin.

The face is a reflection of the soul. So, take care of it! Or even better: Let somebody else take care of your face for you! By means of a professional facial treatment with exclusive, high-quality products by Alpienne and !QMS.


100 per cent natural. That’s Alpienne’s promise. For years, they have continuously worked on improving their products. The result: beauty products that are not only effective and innovative but environmentally friendly too.



Alp-Freshness 50 min € 89,00

For low-moisture and normal skin

Cleansing - Peeling - Swiss Pine Hearts - Massage - Mask - Endcare

Wild Malve, rosmarin and elder accompany you through this classic facial treatment. Gives your skin moisture and revitalisation.

Pur natur 50 min € 79,00

For low-moisture and normal skin

Cleansing - Peeling - Mild Cleansing - Short massage - Mask - Endcare

We give your skin time, to absorb the moisture and let your skin glow. Balancing, spends moisture and is revitaling.

Clear case

50 min

80 min

€ 75,00

€ 106,00

For young adults or impure skin

Cleansing - Peeling - Intensiv cleansing - Mask - Endcare

Propolis, camomile and teolith: The cleansing beneath steam has priority to release the skin from unpleasant impurities. Deacidifing, cleaning, calming and anti-inflammatory.

Fountain of youth - For stressed skin 80 min € 123,00

Cleansing - Peeling - Gentle Cleansing - Swiss Pine Massage - Mask - Final Care

Yeast, barley extract, lady’s mantle and orange: agents from our alps that enable the cell renewal of your skin. The most natural
Anti-Aging. Activating, invigorating and simulating cell metabolism.

Sunkiss - care 20 min € 49,00

For sensitive or sunstressed skin

Gentle cleasing - Swiss Pine Hearts-Massage - Mask - Endcare

Camomile, marigold, mountain lavender and blueberry calm your skin. Spends moisturing and relaxes your skin.


„The most successful rejuvenating skin care system” – for 20 years and counting! That’s the tagline that makes !QMS the first choice for women and men of all ages. Because – as the saying goes: You’re only as old as you feel …


Facial treatments !QMS

!QMS Classic 80 min € 129,00

Collagen-Treatment, store collagene and more moisture in your skin

Deep cleansing - Cleansing - 2 Special Masks - Collagene - Massage - Endcare

Enriched with the unique !QMS - Collagenes, balances ongoing the sign of skin aging and gives you a juvenile, shining appearance right after the treatment. Rejuvenating, revitalising and inspirational.

!QMS Champagner treatment 50 min € 89,00


Cleansing - Fruit acid peeling - 1 Foam mask - Co-Lectine 3 - Massage - Endcare

The Wellness-Anti-Aging-Treatment (Co-Lectine 3 will be stored deep in the skin because of the massage), shows the impact in the depth within a short amount of time. The storing of the Hyaluronacid is going to be felt through a soft tingling. Stimulating and cellurar stimulatory.

!QMS-Champagner-Intensiv-Treatment 80 min  € 132,00


Extend your facial treatment and give your skin time she needs to absorb the substances. This treatment is going to be extended with a enzympeeling, a depp cleansing and an extended massage.

!QMS-Frischekick 20 min € 45,00

Cooling treatment for in between

Cleansings - Enzympeeling - Short massage - Collagene - 1 Activating Mask - Endcare

The used hyaluronacid improves the moisture household of your skin optimally.


Convenient: Upon request, every beauty treatment comes with an eyebrow correction.