Facial treatments

Younger-looking skin.

The face is a reflection of the soul. So, take care of it! Or even better: Let somebody else take care of your face for you! By means of a professional facial treatment with exclusive, high-quality products by Alpienne and !QMS.


100 per cent natural. That’s Alpienne’s promise. For years, they have continuously worked on improving their products. The result: beauty products that are not only effective and innovative but environmentally friendly too.


Alp-Freshness 50 min € 97,00

For low-moisture and normal skin

Cleansing - Peeling - Swiss Pine Hearts - Massage - Mask - Endcare

Wild Malve, rosmarin and elder accompany you through this classic facial treatment. Gives your skin moisture and revitalisation.

Pur natur 50 min € 89,00

For low-moisture and normal skin

Cleansing - Peeling - Mild Cleansing - Short massage - Mask - Endcare

We give your skin time, to absorb the moisture and let your skin glow. Balancing, spends moisture and is revitaling.

Clear case

50 min

80 min

€ 85,00

€ 114,00

For young adults or impure skin

Cleansing - Peeling - Intensiv cleansing - Mask - Endcare

Propolis, camomile and teolith: The cleansing beneath steam has priority to release the skin from unpleasant impurities. Deacidifing, cleaning, calming and anti-inflammatory.

Fountain of youth - For stressed skin 80 min € 131,00

Cleansing - Peeling - Gentle Cleansing - Swiss Pine Massage - Mask - Final Care

Yeast, barley extract, lady’s mantle and orange: agents from our alps that enable the cell renewal of your skin. The most natural
Anti-Aging. Activating, invigorating and simulating cell metabolism.


Isabelle Lancray Pro VITAMINA – vitalizing special treatment for dehydrated, tired, stressed, even sun-damaged skin. Invigorating, hydrating, anti-irritant. Supports the regeneration process of your skin.

Traitement classique: stimulating, cell stimulating

cleansing - peeling - cleansing - serum - mask - massage - final care

50 min € 104,00

Traitement intensif: regenerative, moisturizing, activating

cleansing - peeling - cleansing - serum - 2 masks - prolonged facial massage - final care

80 min € 143,00


Isabelle Lancray Pro L‘AGE D‘OR – Anti-aging special treatment, a line of products that opens a new era of anti-aging cosmetics. A fragrant bouquet of fresh cells from exquisite flowers such as the rose of Damascus, Arabian jasmine and blue iris is always at work in the formulators, with which the skin is literally enchanted. The exclusive care line opens a sensual superlative for the sustainable regeneration of the skin and offers the immediate feeling of wonderful rejuvenation of the skin.

Traitement supérieure – sensational immediately visible lifting effect

cleansing - intensive enzyme peeling - highly concentrated anti-age active ingredient serum - intensive facial massage - warming facial cushion - cooling algae mask - final care - finishing serum

80 min € 179,00


Dr. Rimpler fruit acid treatment:

For large-pored, blemished skin and to reduce light wrinkles Cleansing - fruit acid peeling - serum - massage - mask - final care


50 min € 102,00