Body treatments

Silky smooth skin.

Peels remove dead skin cells and are the ideal way to prepare for a subsequent treatment. They leave your skin feeling clean and silky smooth.

Honey-yoghurt-peeling package 20 min € 39,00
The skin cells are going be detach softly and the honey unfolds his healing affect. The anti-inflammatory St. Peter's wort oil does the rest for sensitive skin.    
Revitalising body peeling 20 min  € 49,00
The grainy rock salt detaches your skin cells, with the result that you experience your skin in an entirely new way. The experience is a shiny, rose and well bled-trough skin. Because of the agents arnica and rosmary, your muscle parts are bleed-trough optimally.     
Clarifying body peeling 20 min € 49,00
After this cleaning peeling with rock salt, Biopir and amber you recieve a clarifyed and rosy skin texture.    
QMS-Tummy-Legs-Butt-Wrap 50 min € 73,00
from the 2. treatment 25 min € 43,00
Cleansing of the skin parts, aktivating massage in the problem area, warming streamlining for tummy, legs and butt or  cooling algal modelage.