Body packages

Be pampered in a swinging recliner.

Honey-package  20 min € 42,00
The skin is going to be looked after and relaxes. The various ingredients of our honey have a healing effect on the skin and provide it with valuable nutrients. Thus your skin will be given freshness and vitality
Repair-package  20 min € 47,00
The Alpienne-bodypackage "Repair" not only benefits the process of regeneration of the skin, but also your muscles and joints. The high amount groundhog oil and gentian extract stimualtes the skin metabolism, wheat bran provides the tissue with vitamines and minerals. The package is greasing, spends moisture and solves every aching muscle.
Detoxing body package 20 min € 49,00
The Alpienne-bodypackage "Detoxing" helps your skin, to free itselfe ongoing from harmful substances. Extracts from young birch leaves and juniper wood have a deep-cleansing affect, support the perfusion and stimulate the detoxing process in case of dry, impure, oily and sensitive skin.