Relaxation rooms

Each with its own unique character.

Gold room

Where gold and nature come together.

Put your feet up and relax. Close your eyes and listen to the gentle trickle of the stone fountain in the middle of the Gold room. If you open your eyes every now and again, you will be greeted by the sight of the glittering gold leaves of the tree of life, which stands before you. Close your eyes again and continue dreaming.

This room provides you with direct access to the hay and pine rooms.

Hay room

Take a deep breath.

Did you know that there are between 50 and 80 different types of grass in a single handful of hay? Every single one of them contains thousands of active substances, which have soothing effects, promote muscle relaxation, increase circulation or boost metabolism, along with many other beneficial effects.

Lie down on a bed made from solid wood, allow the soft lighting to work its magic on you and relax with the scent of hay flowers in your nostrils.

Pine room

A place of rest and retreat.

Nothing more. Just a room made from pine. And beds made from pine. The walls came from a barn that was more than 100 years old. Here you can just switch off. Leave your everyday life far behind. Be yourself. Feel completely relaxed. And eventually sleep. Pine regulates your circulation, reduces your heart rate and has a harmonizing effect.

Mountain lake meditation

Float away to higher realms.

After a day spent in the Gold Spa, after your treatments and extensive rest periods, here you will once again feel like you are truly floating.

The glass front provides a relaxing view: lying on your floating recliner, if you look beyond your feet, you will be able to see the small mountain lake.