Facial treatments

Younger-looking skin.

The face is the mirror of the soul. Because of that: Take care for it. Or better: Let it be taken care of! At at professional face treatment with quality products from Alpienne adnd !QMS.

100 per cent all natural. That's, what Alpienne promises - years and years of work have been put in the products and continuous improvement. The result: effective and innovative beauty-products with the plus of environmental compatibility.

!QMS Medicosmetics has been the most successful care system for visibly younger skin since more than 20 years.

It combines revolutionary techniques with high-end substances.


Alp-Freshness 50 min €89.00
For low-moisture and normal skin cleansing - peeling - swiss pine hearts - massage - mask - Endcare Wild Malve, rosmarin and elder accompany you through this classic facial treatment. Gives your skin moisture and revitalisation.
Pur natur 50 min €75.00
For low-moisture and normal skin cleansing - peeling - insentiv cleansing - short massage - mask - endcare. We give your skin time, to absorb the moisture and let your skin glow. Balancing, spends mouisture and is revitaling.
Clear case 80 min €106.00
For young adults or impure skin cleansing - peeling - intensiv cleansing - mask - endcare propolis, camomile and teolith: The cleansing beneath steam has priority to release the skin from unpleasant impurities. Deacidifing, cleaning, calming and anti-inflammatory.
Sunkiss - care 50 min €89.00

For sensitive or sunstressed skin gently cleasing - swiss pine hearts-massage - mask - endcare camomile, marigold, mountain lavender and blueberry calm your skin. Spends moisturing and relaxes your skin.


"Most successful rejuvenating skincare system" - and this since more that 20 years. This title makes !QMS the first choise for women and men through every age. How is it called: You are only as old, as you feel... 


!QMS Classic 80 min €129.00
Collagen-Treatment, store collagene and more moisture in your skin deep cleansing - Cleansing - 2 special masks - Collagene - massage - care enriched with the unique !QMS - Collagenes, balances ongoing the sign of skin aging and gives you a juvenile, shining appearance right after the treatment. Rejuvenating, revitalising and inspirational.
!QMS Champagner treatment 50 min €89.00
Wellness-Anti-Aging-Treatment cleansing - fruit acid peeling - 1 Foam mask - Co-Lectine 3 - Massage - care. The Wellness-Anti-Aging-Treatment (Co-Lectine 3 will be stored deep in the skin because of the massage), shows the impact in the depth within a short amount of time. The storing of the Hyaluronacid is going to be felt through a soft tingling. Stimualting and cellurar stimulatory.
!QMS-Champagner-Intensiv-Treatment 80 min  €123.00
Wellness-Anti-Aging-Treatment. Extend your facial treatment and give your skin time she needs to absorb the substances. This treatment is going to be extened with a enzympeeling, a depp cleansing and an extended massage.
!QMS-Frischekick 50 min €86.00
Cooling treatment for in between cleansings - Enzympeeling - short massage - collagene - 1 activating mask - care. The used hyaluronacid improves the moisture household  of your skin optimally.


Convenient: By request every facial treatment involves a correction of the eyebrows.